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A Little About What We Do
Attorney Allen now resides in Minnesota but remains licensed to practice law in
Wisconsin.  Please limit your inquiries to Wisconsin legal matters.
Our mission is to make a difference one client at a time.  By taking the time to
understand the needs of each client, we can make thoughtful client centered
recommendations instead of providing canned one-size-fits-all solutions.
Although we are well qualified to handle a large variety of legal matters we have
specialized expertise in:
We put the needs of our clients above our own. We do our very best to fully
understand the needs of each and every client. If for some reason the client has a
specialized need in an area of law where we lack expertise, we will not hesitate to
refer that client to another law firm specializing in that area of law. Our focus is on
criminal defense, immigration, bankruptcy, international law (China related issues
in particular), corporate law, and litigation. We care about the community and will
sometimes accept cases on a pro bono or reduced fee basis where we feel it is
Making a difference
one client at a time
"Every client should
feel important"