At the Law Office of James Allen we handle all types of personal bankruptcy
    cases and certain types corporate bankruptcy’s as well. Whether you are
    interested in filing Chapter 7, 11, 13 or are looking for a simple explanation about
    which type of bankruptcy filing best suits your needs, call us today at (612) 656-
    9006 to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

    Our fees are very reasonable and we offer our clients the choice of paying an
    hourly rate or a flat fee for our legal services.  If you are interested in learning
    more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy CLICK HERE. Visit our website again soon
    for more detailed information on Chapter 11 and Chapter 13.

    At the Law Office of James Allen we understand that good people can
    sometimes find themselves in difficult situations through no fault of their own.
    We are here to help our clients overcome their obstacles (business and personal)
    and get a fresh start.  Some clients find themselves in economic trouble due to
    being laid off at work, medical problems or a downturn in their business.  
    Whatever your reasons are for your current situation, call us today so that we
    can help guide you down the path to financial recovery!
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