As an entrepreneur himself, Attorney James Allen understands the legal needs of
    small businesses.  Prior to law school Mr. Allen founded several small
    businesses and earned an MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  
    Because of his background he often is able to guide business owners in taking
    preemptive measures to avoid certain pitfalls before they occur.  Some of the
    types of matters the Law Office of James Allen can help you with include:

    •        Deciding which type of corporate entity to form (S Corp, C Corp, LLC,    
    •        Having non-compete contracts drafted for new employees
    •        Discussing contract disputes or drafting new contracts
    •        How to protect your business and your family if something were to
             happen to your business partner or yourself
    •        Whether to hire independent contractors or employees
    •        Defending against lawsuits brought by customers or suppliers

    We would love to learn more about your business and your dreams for the
    future.  We want to become your long term partner so we can help you as you
    grow.  Please give us a call today at (612) 656-9006 to schedule a free initial
    phone consultation.
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