Criminal Defense
Making a difference
one client at a time
"Every client should
feel important"
We pride ourselves on preparing the best possible defense for every client.
Whether you are charged with a relatively minor misdemeanor or a felony,
rest assured that we take every case very seriously.  We often are able to
work out a plea bargain that our clients are satisfied with.  However, we are
always prepared to take cases to trial in order to protect the best interests of
our clients.  While some clients prefer to pay us a fixed hourly rate for our
legal services, others prefer the peace of mind of paying a flat fee.  We offer
our clients the choice of paying an hourly rate or a flat fee which will be
determined based on the specifics of your case. Call us today at (612)
656-9006 for
a free initial phone consultation.

At the Law Office of James Allen we keep our costs down by choosing not
to purchase expensive television and phone book advertisements.  Instead we
focus on providing aggressive, quality representation to every client at a
reasonable price.  We have found that referrals are far more effective than
expensive advertising campaigns. Perhaps someone referred you to our firm.
We hope that by exceeding your expectations one day you will refer us new
clients as well!

While we handle a wide variety of criminal defense matters, we have a
particular heavy focus on Operating While under the Influence (also known
as OWI, DUI, DWI etc.) cases.  We understand the serious implications an
OWI can have on your life both in the short and long term.  Call us right
away or click
HERE to learn more if you recently have been charged with
drunk driving in Wisconsin.